Knowledge of Enterovirus

Summer and early autumn can be the seasons for the prevalence of enterovirus (March to November and July to September are the peak periods). Because Taiwan's climate is warm and humid, it is suitable for enterovirus to survive. Therefore, the cases of enterovirus infection can be seen throughout the year.

Enterovirus likes to massively grow under the high-humidity and high-temperature environment. The symptom of enterovirus usually appears within a week after infection. The infectivity of the virus is the highest at the time of onset. Moreover, it can be found from patients infected with enterovirus at the time of continuous detoxification which can be as long as 1~2 months, depending on the individual recovery.

Enterovirus is mainly infected on the kids under 5 years old so it often happens in the kindergartens. After the kids get infected, the main symptom is fever, skin vesicle or ulcer in the mouth, hands and feet so it is also called hand-foot-and-mouth-disease which is often caused by Group A coxsackievirus and EV71 of enterovirus.

The course of enterovirus is approximately a week. However, there is no specific medicine so it is generally relieved by symptom therapy such as oral ache and sore throat, etc. The commonly used NDSAID drugs (non-steroidal painkiller, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs like ibuprofen).

If having a fever, parents can let kids take Acetaminophen and carefully observe whether there are severe symptoms such as lethargy, coma, and shortness of breath.

Most enterovirus patients can cure from symptom therapy for oral cancer, skin vesicle or ulcers of hands and feet to reduce discomfort and recover rapidly so here are several common senses:

  • The virus exists in the environment for a long time.
  • There is no specific medicine for virus.
  • Only symptomatic drugs can be given, such as antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic drugs.


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Properties of mucosal immunity

The most important thing is to have a targeting effect on the virus, and the only targeting effect is the antibodies, the main antibodies are IgG and IgA, and the vaccine is administered to produce IgG. So for many years, the most effective against the virus is the vaccine, to reduce the replication of the virus, the most important thing is to block the virus from entering the cell.

Understanding the immune system

To understand the immune system, we first look at the structure of the human body. First, the immune system in the human body is the most important defense system against the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.


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