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About SenGene

Diverse biotechnology team

SenGene International Biomedical Co., Ltd. is based in Taiwan, East Asia.

We are a biotechnology company with a professional R&D team. SenGene has been committing to the ultimate use of raw materials and inspirations from nature. And with those inspirations, we keep digging into the research and development technologies that are beneficial to the human body. SenGene's R&D team is assembled senior nutritionists, immunology experts, microbiologists, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and other professionals.

We have long-term cooperative development with various medical research centers in Taiwan to develop technologies for disease prevention, aging issues, and health promotion. Dealing with causes of deceases with a professional, sincere, and active attitude is the core spirit of every research SenGene has conducted. We aim to solve various problems existing in human society, improving human health, well-being, and creating a better life.

SenGene International Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Takes care of the health and well-being of you and your family.

Expert of Mucosal Immunity

Our R&D team has decades of experience
in Immunology and Microbiology.

Immunology and Human History

Two main mechanisms of immunity included in the adaptive immune system:

Cellular and Humoral immunity.

18th Century & Cellular Immunity

In the 18th century, the mainstream of immunology was cell-mediated immunity cellular immunity(CMI). CMI is the arm of immune response which incorporates the activation of macrophages and Natural Killer Cell to destroy intracellular pathogens with the complement system and phagocytosis on the whole.

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19th Century & Humoral Immunity

Humoral immunity is also called antibody-mediated immunity. In the 19th century, the existence of antibodies was discovered by professionals through survivors of plague. This approach had been extensively used till now with its implementation of “Vaccine”.

The COVID-19 epidemic has become a reality

How can we prevent it?

We’ve got the solution to make up for the insufficiency!

Here it is:Mucosal Immunity

How important is mucosal immunity?

Nearly all kinds of viruses invade cells through the mucous membrane. To reinforce the mucous immunity system means to effectively inhibit viral invasion and further infection.

Mucosal immunity at the heart of research

Development of VAPs


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