What is VAP ?

Versatile Adhesion Polypeptides


Key nutrients to enable proper functioning of the immune system


How does VAPs technology help our immune system?

  • In daily life, threats and risks to health do exist in the internal or external environment. To deal with problems, the immune system needs to maintain high-efficiency operation without interruption so that it can respond promptly when a person’s health is under threats. The functioning of the immune system is interconnected and extremely complicated. Immunocompromised or overreacted can both cause an extra burden on the health. For example, allergies are usually caused by an overreaction of the immune system to external stimuli.
  • VAPThe research and development technology of VAPs include: after VAPs is absorbed through the intestinal mucosa (the largest immune system throughout the human digestive tract), the immune system will be activated. VAPS can help the immune system to properly respond to stimuli and avoid the immune system from being sluggish or overactive. The immune system has three fundamental functions: defense, attack, and repair. When there is no threat of foreign pathogens in the human body, the existing energy for the immune system will automatically be converted into other forms for use by other organs or functions.
  • VAPs contributes to the proper operation of the immune system. On the one hand, VAPs ensures that the body's energy can be used in the proper place. On the other hand, VAPs can help to increase the efficiency of defense and repair, and reduce the chance of the human body being infected by environmental pathogens.

SenGene International Biomedical Ltd. Research, Development, and Technology

VAP — Versatile Adhesion Polypeptides

Development of VAPs

Leading Technology in the world, creating a new vision of LIFE

Modern people tend to live in a tight-paced environment and are easily affected by various factors such as emotional stress, work pressure, and environmental pathogens; all these factors could result in immunodeficiency. The accumulation of negative energy for a long time may also lead to the risk of immunosuppression. The human body is more likely to be invaded by pathogens existing in the environment, diseases, and pathogens from the external environment. The adaptability to environmental changes will also become insufficient. One’s body and mind are often in an unstable state of imbalance.


Natural Ingredients X Exclusive Formula

After years of research, SenGene surprisingly found that VAP exists in nature and can be extracted from mushrooms, milk (especially colostrum), specific Chinese medicinal materials, and fungal metabolites. The findings of this study are the exclusive formulations for VAP

Cutting-edge technology X Patented Manufacturing Process

The unique formulation of VAP and its spectacular manufacturing process compose the existence of VAP as a whole. With the collection of precious and raw materials, extraction and concentration technologies, membrane filtration process, capsulizing, and sterilization technology, SenGene has developed industry-leading polymeric peptides, which can help to regulate health conditions for the human body through oral intake.

Health Reinforcement X Stress Relief

VAP is the key nutrient that may help the immune system operate properly. It is recommended to take regular and quantitative intake to maintain a balance of health, which helps to: 1. Strengthen protection 2. Reduce the risk of viral disease infection 3. Increase environmental resilience 4. Alleviate mucosal discomfort


  • What is DSP—Technology of Deep Sea Prodigiosin

After years of searching, SenGene's R&D team found the Serratia strain found in the deep seabed of the Taiwan Strait. The result of its metabolism is Prodigiosin (PG), a natural red pigment. In recent years, studies have shown that prodigiosin can lead to antibiotic-like effects on fungi and certain bacteria. Other studies also pointed out that prodigiosin has anti-cancer effects. Shortly, we hope, with the help of technology and continuous research, new anti-cancer drugs and new immunosuppressants can be developed for the well-being of humans. Other studies of environmental sustainability confirmed that prodigiosin can be used as a biological control agent for harmful algae in the marine environment. Prodigiosin only helps human health but also could bring benefits to the environment.

  • What is oxidation?

    People need to take in oxygen through breathing. When the blood oxygen content is too low, it may cause shock or coma. Oxygen plays an important role in human health. It reacts with nutrients such as mitochondria, fats, and carbohydrates in cells, to provide energy for the body — this whole process is known as cellular oxidation. However, while the oxidative mechanism generates energy for the body, it produces "free radicals" at the same time. Free radicals are unstable and may attack human cells, causing apoptosis, and leading to the main reason for aging.

    The life of modern people is full of stress, environmental pollution, diet, and drugs. These internal/external factors could increase the number of free radicals. When free radicals are in excess and overwhelm the body's ability to regulate antioxidants, it may accelerate body and appearance aging.

    Therefore, preventing excessive free radicals from causing damages, is one of the best solutions to maintain youthful radiance and vitality.

    Antioxidants are widely used in nutritional products. Their preventive effects on some diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases have been confirmed. Research has also shown that antioxidants can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • The effect of prodigiosin on antioxidants can be seen from experiments:

    What can DSP do for the human body?

According to research, the effects of DSP(Prodigiosin) toward cancer cells can be observed roughly in two levels:

  1. Concentration of copper ions: DSP can destroy the dsDNA of cancer cells by working with copper ions. Cancer cells tend to have a higher concentration of copper ions than non-cancerous tissues. When it comes to molecularly targeted therapy, prodigiosin also contributes to targeting cancerous tissues.
  2. PH value: Prodigiosin performs the most effective damages to DNA at environmental conditions around pH 6.8 (such as breast cancer cells), while the pH value of ordinary cells is about pH 7.4. This characteristic comes in handy to strengthen its targeting capability against cancer cells. (Data Source: Wikipedia)

In addition, DSP is also proven effective in inhibiting Microsporum canis:

  1. Microsporum canis is a fungus of the genus Microsporum, which can be found all over the world. It is one of the pathogenic bacteria that cause skin infections, especially to the hair/fur areas.
  2. Though the infecting objects of Microbacillus canis are mostly pets such as cats and dogs, it can also infect the roots of human hair.

【Fat Lose】

What is ASP—Adiponectin Secretion Promoter

SenGene has been focusing on health issues for a long time. We continuously focus on finding solutions for the burden of fat formation and accumulation on the human body through experiments. After years of research, we notice that one of the key reasons causes accumulation of fat in the body as aging is because of the decreasing of a specific gene. This unique gene helps to stimulate the body secreting Adiponectin. Adiponectin is a protein hormone that exists in the human body, mainly secreted by fat cells. The amount of Adiponectin in adults is closely related to fat. Although Adiponectin is secreted by fat, it has nothing to do with whether a person is a fat or not. In other words, more fast does not mean higher secretion of Adiponectin. in addition, if the internal organs accumulate too much fat, the secretion of adiponectin could be hindered.

Fat Loss and Modern Life

Nowadays, people are often disturbed by fat accumulation due to their compact life. Busy work, high-fat, and high-calorie diet. Not only the look of a person, chronic diseases caused by obesity, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are getting more and more attention from people.

Adiponectin and Research

In 1996, a Japanese research team published the stunning results about Adiponectin. Increasing the secretion of Adiponectin helps to maintain the health condition that does not gain weight easily. Through research on Adiponectin, SenGene has further promoted the efficacy of this hormone. It does lead to the improvement of the secretion of Adiponectin through oral intake of DSP (or ASP), helping people deal with the common problems of a high-calorie diet and long-term lack of exercise—the fatty liver and overweight issues.

Liver tissue section of laboratory rat.

ASP-L: for Fatty Liver

People's high-calorie diet and lack of exercise are likely to cause non-alcoholic fatty liver. Unfortunately, fatty liver is one of the main causes of long-term chronic inflammation of the liver. The figure above is the part of the liver adipocytes from laboratory rats, stained with fluorescent red. Under the same experimental conditions, the adipocytes in the experimental group were significantly less than those in the control group.

ASP-B: B for belly

Appearance of laboratory rat.


Experiment Result Through observing the appearance of laboratory rats with eyes, we notice a significant difference between the experimental group and the control group. The abdominal fat cells of rats in the experimental group are significantly reduced compared to the control group.


          control group / treatment group

Laboratory rats adipocyte size (um2 )

Experiment Result From the observation of tissue sections from laboratory rats, the fat cells of laboratory rats in the experimental group were significantly smaller than those in the control group.







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