How do I boost my immunity?

The immune system is a highly effective and complex defense mechanism, which is spread throughout the body. Whether the immune system is too high or too low, it indirectly affects our body. In addition to improving and strengthening our resistance through our daily routines, many of us also take nutrients that are essential to our body through health food or diet, such as the following key nutrients that are common to our daily life.

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Properties of mucosal immunity

The most important thing is to have a targeting effect on the virus, and the only targeting effect is the antibodies, the main antibodies are IgG and IgA, and the vaccine is administered to produce IgG. So for many years, the most effective against the virus is the vaccine, to reduce the replication of the virus, the most important thing is to block the virus from entering the cell.

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Understanding the immune system

To understand the immune system, we first look at the structure of the human body. First, the immune system in the human body is the most important defense system against the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

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